Sun-Damaged Skin Treatment (IPL)

IPL Photofacial at Midland Dermatology

Sun-damaged skin happens, and Midland Dermatology can help! Midland Dermatology is proud to offer XEO Cutera IPL, a state-of-the-art photofacial treatment option that reduces brown spots and sun damage, right here in Midland, Texas. While wearing sunscreen can help prevent future skin damage, it can’t reduce the appearance of existing brown spots and sun damage. That’s where XEO Cutera IPL comes in! For people who want a quick and effective way to reduce brown spots or sun damage in West Texas, all you need are a few treatments with the XEO Cutera IPL.

XEO Cutera IPL is one of the most advanced treatment options out there to reduce or remove sun spots from your face, hands, arms, and chest. Designed exclusively for treating sun-damaged skin, the XEO Cutera IPL utilizes high-intensity computer-controlled pulses of light that penetrates the skin and reveals fresh, undamaged skin underneath in the process. XEO Cutera IPL is virtually painless, so anesthetic creams and pain medications are not required.

Patients will typically begin seeing results after 1-3 treatments. More treatments may be necessary for skin that has extensive sun damage.

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If you’re looking for an innovative and non-invasive procedure to help you achieve beautiful and healthy-looking skin, look no further than the XEO Cutera IPL procedure. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 432-689-2512.

IPL Sun Damage Treatment