Skin Revitalization in Midland, TX

Uneven skin tone is a common concern for most patients. It appears in a variety of ways, but the primary culprits are pigmentation, pore size, and wrinkles. Most symptoms of uneven skin tone are systematic or hereditary, but can worsen due to factors such as sun damage, age, or pregnancy.

Pore Size

Other than genetics, pore size is most commonly affected by a patient’s hygienic habits over time. When oil (or sebum) builds up in the skin, dead skin cells and dirt clog and stretch your pores. This makes them appear larger. Unfortunately, there is not currently a quick cure for pore size in the medical community. There are, however, several reduction treatments available in West Texas that will reduce pore size over time. At the MSCC, we offer non-invasive, minimal downtime skin resurfacing light therapy to reduce pore size and give skin a clearer, more even appearance. 


For deep wrinkles in the lower or upper third of the face, your physician may suggest injectables like neurotoxin or filler (hyperlink to individual landing pages). Many patients, however, also have concerns of light wrinkling or “crepeyness” in their skin. Sometimes, fillers are too thick to both treat these areas and still maintain the natural appearance of the face so many of our patients will opt for laser therapy instead. Our physicians offer minimal to no downtime for skin revitalization procedures that combat these early signs of aging to reduce wrinkles or the skin’s “crepey” appearance.