Laser Hair Removal in Midland, TX

Unwanted hair can appear on all parts of the male and female body. This can be due to hormonal increases or changes, age, or other genetic factors. In Midland, there are many patients who wish to non-invasively remove unwanted hair.

Similar to other pigment-related issues, urban myths have arisen surrounding a patient’s ability to receive laser hair removal in the summer months or in areas that are usually always sunny. Especially in West Texas, this is no longer the case. Though patients who receive laser hair removal are required to stay out of the sun for 48 hours to prevent injury beneath the surface of the skin, it is perfectly safe to receive laser hair removal in typically sunny areas or times of the year.

At Midland Dermatology our Laser Hair Removal technicians and clinicians are fully trained in LHR to offer safe and effective permanent hair reduction – even on darker skin types that will respond to focal areas of treatment.