Instalift Threads: Minimally Invasive Mid-Facial Lift

Understanding Instalift Threads

Instalift Threads at Midland Dermatology

Looking for Instalift in Midland, TX? Come to Midland Dermatology! Instalift is a minimally invasive procedure that gives your face the youthful lift you desire. The Instalift procedure is the only non-surgical procedure that immediately lifts your mid-facial skin, while adding volume over time. This innovative procedure is a great alternative for people who want to go a step further than fillers, but also don’t want to go under the knife with a face lift. The overall goal of Instalift is to restore the youthful appearance of your face in a minimally invasive way.

Improvement in wrinkles and sagging skin is noticeable immediately after the Instalift procedure, and continues improving for several months after the procedure, due to an increase in collagen production. The procedure features dissolving threads with a combination of small barbs and dissolving cones, which creates volume in the face and produces a “lifting” effect. The procedure itself typically takes about 45 minutes, and results from the Instalift procedure typically last about 2 years.

What can I expect from the Instalift procedure?

  • The patient is awake during the entire procedure, and the procedure is done one side at a time. 
  • Local anesthesia is placed at the insertion points and exit points to numb the area and make it a fairly pain-free procedure.
  • Patients find this procedure to be highly effective and tolerable from a recovery standpoint. You can also combine this procedure with fillers and toxins, as well as other skincare procedures.
  • Recovery time is fairly minimal. Bruising and swelling are fairly minimal. Most patients require just a few days of social recovery time.
  • The most challenging part of recovery from this procedure is avoiding or minimizing dramatic facial expressions for the first two weeks, such as heavy laughing, excessive smiling, etc., as these tend to potentially disengage the barbs and cones that were placed during the procedure.

Who is a good candidate for Instalift?

Candidates for Instalift are those who are close to normal weight, with early signs of facial aging. It is usable in all skin types. Obsese patients, those with severe aging, or those with significant banding in the neck, are not considered ideal patients, and will likely not see desired results. However, patients who have previously had a face lift, but have started seeing aging creep in once again, may be great candidates for this procedure.

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